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Mission: The Active Investment Company Alliance (AICA) will be the premier 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association for listed closed-end funds, business development companies, interval and tender offer funds. Membership will be broad-based globally across fund sponsors (member firm who manages a closed-ended management company, BDC or equivalent), or product sponsors (member firm who manages an investment product: open-end, UIT, ETF, CEF, SMA, LP where the underlying investments are focused on closed-ended management companies, BDC or equivalent).

We will work to engage, educate, connect and offer transparency for investment professionals and investors; seek to gain better advocacy and guidance from regulators to protect investors and to support quality fund managers and sponsors.

Vision: High quality staff, events, and content, creating rich and meaningful investor engagement to meet the needs of the CEF / BDCs / iCEF ecosystem.

* Regular articles, podcasts, videos, webinars, live events and conferences
* Educate Individual and Investment Professionals on CEFs, BDCs / Non-listed funds to increase demand and use
* Unify and maintain consistent standards for data reporting
* Stabilize the shareholder-base of US Funds like UK for listed CEFs
* Model the success of trade associations like the AIC in London and NAREIT in the US
* Maintain a high level of transparency within the organization by providing members with detailed financial reports semiannually

Taggart Fund Intelligence provides independent, thorough, and actionable insights on closed-end funds.

Our unique, opinionated views are rooted in the highest-quality data available and delivered via Membership packages and Consulting engagements.

We strive to be the signal above the noise for sophisticated advisors, industry executives, independent Board members, and the executives who support them all.